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For anyone who cares my birthday (last saturday) went well! First Medieval Times with my father then went out for drinks with the lovely author-at-heart who was a lovely best friend and didn’t let me buy my own martini! By the way apple martinis are really good. 

Sorry I’ve not really been on a whole bunch life has been crazy with the whole internship thing… Ahhh now it’s 2am and I have to be up in like 4 hours for another day of it! 

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this movie was gold

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Fantastic beasts and where Hagrid hides them.

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This Week’s Cover: Our 2014 ‪#‎SDCC‬ preview gives you an exclusive first look at the big, bad robot causing all the grief in Avengers: Age of Ultron—Marvel’s biggest movie ever. 
Photo Credit: Marco Grob/Marvel 2014
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ok new rule: if you’re gonna call me “cute” you have to specify whether you mean “cute like a little girl/baby animal” or “cute enough to bang mercilessly”

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I’m doing an experiment.

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Jensen atTCA 2014  X


Jensen atTCA 2014  X

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